Novi Sad - Burani Interfood DOO

Radno mesto: Novi Sad
Poslodavac: Burani Interfood DOO
Lokacija: Novi Sad
Stručna sprema: Visoka stručna sprema (VSS) VII/1
ECDL diploma:
Rok konkursa: 31. januar 2018.
Datum objave: 5. decembar 2017.
Telefon: 0035932398371
Adresa: Brace Ribnikar 56, office 101 - 21000 - Novi Sad
Tekst oglasa:
BURANI INTERFOOD SPA is an international food trading company with headquarter in Italy. We trade and distribute food products, mainly frozen meat and fish, at all stages of the food processing industry, from wholesalers to consumer retail sector, finding the best clients for our suppliers and the best suppliers for our clients.
In order to sustain the growth of the company and to fulfill our goal of opening up new fruitful markets we are looking for active and dynamic SALES REPRESENTATIVE

-	You are goal oriented, flexible and trustworthy    
-	You are good in building relations and in team working . 
-	You have a strong motivation and dynamism and  a commercial mindset
-	You are driven by willingness to better you results and make the difference in our company
-	You are fluent English and in another language mother tongue.
-	Build up a database of quality suppliers and clients 
-	Maintain and a network of clients and suppliers
-	Establish long lasting relationships in specific business areas
-	Match supply and demand levels in order to make profitable business
-	speaking with colleagues, making phone calls and making instant decisions
-	gathering information and analyzing the market
-	Handle freights in close cooperation with our logistic department. 
-	Boost cross trading activities with our abroad offices and colleagues

-	Confidence 
-	Goal oriented, flexibility
-	Team working and interpersonal skills
-	Motivation, dynamism and  a commercial mindset
-	willingness to better results and to make the difference in our company
-	IT skills
-	Numerical and analytical skills
Radno iskustvo:
-	400 euro for graduated and non-graduated employees and without experience in sales + bonus
-	700-800 euro for employees with experience in the trade but not with meat and fish + bonus
-	1000 euro for non-graduated employees and with experience in the trade with meat and fish + bonus
-	1200 euro for graduated employees and with experience in the trade with meat and fish + bonus

Send application and CV :
Please send your application and CV to Any questions in regards to the job may be directed to the previously stated email address. We are looking forward to hear from you.